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Lauren Bruins...

I joined Squashbrook Fitness And Leisure about 12 months ago to increase my fitness and energy levels to get the most out of life and secondly to strengthen the muscles in my back to help correct and prevent further progression of my scoliosis. I had recently finished school and started working full time in an office and was concerned that the change in activity could affect my wellbeing dramatically.

I started attending group fitness classes around 3 times a week. I quickly discovered the classes I enjoyed most and which classes would help me achieve the results I wanted. I found group fitness was a great way to stay motivated and to see improvement. The trainers were encouraging and very approachable when I had concerns or questions about exercises we practised in the classes. Through these classes I was able to increase my fitness and strength which resulted in an increase in mood and energy levels, toning and shaping of muscles and also weight control.

The other main area of concern was my back. I have quite a severe scoliosis which is a curvature of the spine. This causes quite a lot of pain and discomfort in everyday life. Normal activities such as sport, sleeping, standing or sitting for long periods of time are often difficult. Simon Brook, a personal trainer, said he was confident he could help improve my situation. Through personal training once a week I was able to receive the help and guidance that was specific to my needs. After assessment and a few training sessions Simon was able to build a program that targeted muscles in my back and other problem areas that contributed to my condition. Through regular personal training I noticed lots of positive results such as large decrease in pain, muscle gain and an increase in strength in all the problem areas.

Personal training was the main reason I stayed motivated all year. I was encouraged continuously throughout the week and felt comfortable to raise any concerns about exercise and nutrition that I had. Through personal training I was able to talk about my goals and felt supported and encouraged in achieving them. Personal training taught me a lot about my body and how to do exercises correctly to prevent injury and achieve the best results. I know all the knowledge I learned through personal training and classes I will be able to use for the rest of my life to get the most out of my exercise programs.

I would definitely recommend personal training for anyone that needs a little extra guidance in the gym or for motivation. I can honestly say it was all worth it and I have never felt better.

Lauren Bruins

Gavin Male...

I had all the reasons, too busy at work, have a young family, don’t have the time, need time for myself…blah, blah, blah!!!  I have heard and used them all, the truth is that all of the above are true when YOU want them to be true, a reason not to get back into shape from a level where you once where, or were you would like to be.


So I took the plunge, joined PUSH Personal Training at Squashbrook Fitness and Leisure and the changes we talked about were not just physical, it’s a mental change as well.  From the first appointment there was a positive and planned approach to what we were going to do, small goals one after the other, not looking back and what I had done but what I was GOING to do!!! 


 It all started with making some small eating habit changes, a positive training approach and positive reinforcement from my personal trainer, building on the program as we went.  This was no “Biggest Loser” type training where you are pushed to breaking point but a planned approach for long term success and general well-being.  With different Personal Training physical activities planned in your individual program, it keeps it fresh, fun and challenging!!  I have a young family, so that was my general focus, be fit enough and healthy enough to be able to play and keep up with them and Simon and the PUSH PT team have sure helped in this.


As a person who has had two shoulder reconstructions that “didn’t do push ups” because it would cause more issues,  I can tell you it has never been stronger and cant remember the last time that it had caused me any general problems. There was constant help with my getting my body right, showing the correct way to stretch, warm up, lift weights, correct posture, cooling down and how to take care of your body from a food and water need.  Making you realize that some of the “food” that we feed our bodies is a major detriment to our well being and really holds us back from achieving our long term goals….after all, deep down inside we all have them….don’t we????


You know its so much more than just the physical training mentioned above, there were plenty of times that the training was a mental approach to the days ahead, problems afoot and life’s little challenges that can and do effect your training, your eating habits and general mental health, it sure puts the “Personal” into Personal Training, its an all-around approach to a better fitness of the body and mind. 


 Not only has PUSH Personal Training helped me loose 13kg from when I joined, but it’s taught me the mental skills that have assisted in the better planning of my day which in turn gives me more time…unlike the opening of this testimonial…. I’m now more organized for work, have more time & energy for my family and more time for myself!!! 


 So do YOURSELF a favor, stop being me from 12 months ago when I thought about personal training and be the me of today, someone that is back on track in every sense of the word…all thanks to the “PUSH” PT team at Squashbrook Fitness & Leisure.


Gavin Male



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